My name is Emma Reyes.  I’m from Sydney, Australia, and I’ve lived in Mexico City with my partner and two children for almost 2 years.  I decided to become a doula after I became frustrated hearing friends’ experiences of fear and being unheard during their pregnancies and subsequent labours.  I’m certified through Childbirth International, and I’m bilingual English/Spanish.

I am passionate about providing you with the right kind of support. For me this means instilling a sense of confidence, calmness, and strength; whilst also providing you with information to leave you educated about your birth choices.   I’m committed to lessening the fear that many women feel surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

I love travelling, great food (both cooking and eating it), and I dream of having a big garden one day. I love my job supporting people during pregnancy and birth; to me it is such joyful, rewarding and important work.