My name is Emma Reyes.  I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, and I live in San Francisco with my partner and two children. Before settling here, we lived in Mexico City for 2 years.  I decided to become a doula after I became frustrated hearing friends’ experiences of fear and being unheard during their pregnancies and subsequent labors. I started my doula business in Sydney, moved it to Mexico and now I’m here in beautiful California. Seeing the different aspects of pregnancy care in several countries has given me a unique perspective and appreciation for birth as an individual, personal and powerful thing; a moment in time that is precious, and universally valued.

I am passionate about providing you with the right kind of support. For me this means instilling a sense of confidence, calmness, and strength; whilst also providing you with information to leave you educated about your birth and parenting choices.   I’m committed to lessening the fear that many women feel surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

I’m bilingual English/Spanish.

I love travelling, great food (both cooking and eating it), and I dream of having a big garden one day. I love my job supporting people during pregnancy and birth; to me it is such joyful, rewarding and important work.


◇ Certified Birth Doula with Childbirth International
◇ Ecuador 2019 – Doula Immersion Program with Wombs of the World
Acupressure for Birth (currently enrolled)
StillBirthday Birth and Bereavement Doula (currently enrolled)