Morning (Noon and Night) sickness.

So, you’re pregnant!

And you feel the worst.

People love to brush morning sickness off with a cute, “awww, that special time!” comment and a “but you know that means the baby’s healthy!”. You will come across other mothers who remember clearly how it felt and will offer you commiserations. However, well wishes and smiles aren’t going to get you through it. Morning sickness is very rarely only in the morning. Many people find it worsens in the evening, and some people have the feeling of nausea or dullness all day long.

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Alone Together: Motherhood and Loneliness

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Loneliness: a feeling most new mothers are very familiar with. And it’s interesting and strange because, of course, you aren’t alone. You’ve got your new baby. Your partner’s around. You’re texting your friends and following people’s lives on Facebook while you feed the baby. You might have family popping around to cuddle and fuss and help. You might have a mother’s group to catch up with once a week.

So why are you feeling so desperately lonely?

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