Postpartum Doula Services

A postpartum doula is many things. She is primarily there to support you, encourage you, and to be the behind the scenes person who keeps life running while you enjoy your baby and transition into new motherhood. A postpartum doula’s duties vary from day to day and client to client. A typical day may look like:

◇ Arriving with a nourishing meal for the family
◇ Making sure you are rested (and enabling you to rest)
◇ Ensuring that you are in good health (and referring you to the appropriate help if you need it)
◇ Running you a herbal bath for healing
◇ Holding the baby while you rest, shower/bathe, or take time for yourself
◇ Restoring order to the house
◇ Debriefing your birth experience
◇ Listening to you talk through your feelings and state of mind about being a new mother
◇ Guiding you through a breastfeed to make sure there are no feeding issues, that you and your baby are achieving a good latch and that you are comfortable
◇ Leaving you with fresh linen, a tidy kitchen, and food on the stove
◇ Offering referrals if you need, to food services, lactation consultants, physiotherapists, mental health services, specialists and so on.

And that’s just an example!

My postpartum services are during the day only (9.00am to 5.00pm).


I have two options for structuring my postpartum care.

◇  HOURLY – purchase a set amount of hours and use them as you need them (minimum 4 hour shifts).

50 hours 15,000MXP    ◇    75 hours  22,500MXP   ◇    100 hours 30,000MXP     

VISITS – purchase a set amount of visits (4 hours per visit), and you specify the days and times you would like to use them.

5 visits  6000 MXP    ◇     8 visits  9600 MXP     ◇     12 visits    14400 MXP