Postpartum Doula Services

A postpartum doula is your source of information, support, encouragement and pampering while you enjoy your baby and transition into new motherhood. The “fourth trimester” – the first 3 months after your baby is born – is a time of high emotion, learning, uncertainty and development for both you and your baby. A postpartum doula is by your side to assist, empower and cheer you on. We make sure that you are rested and cared for, truly looked after as you deserve to be.

A postpartum doula’s duties vary from day to day and client to client. We are trained to support you in many ways, from your nourishment to newborn care. We listen, watch and notice when you need referrals to specialist care. We are the eyes, ears and brain attuned to your and your baby’s needs. We support your parenting choices and give judgement-free assistance.

My postpartum services are during the day only (9.00am to 5.00pm).


I have two options for structuring my postpartum care.

HOURLY – purchase a set amount of hours and use them as you need them (minimum 3 hour shifts).

10 hours 3000 MXP

25 hours 7500 MXP

50 hours 15,000 MXP

VISITS – purchase a set amount of visits (4 hours per visit), and you specify the days and times you would like to use them.

5 visits 6000 MXP

8 visits 9600 MXP

12 visits 14400 MXP

I can also set up my postpartum care to suit you and your family. Contact me to chat about what would work for you.