Birth Doula Services

As your birth doula, I am here to support, accompany and encourage you in your decisions for your ideal birth. I work with you and your partner to prepare, guide and inform. Then I’m by your side during your labour and birth.

Each person I work with has different requirements and expectations of what I as a doula can provide. “Support” means something different for each client. Sometimes it’s a focus on education, others on conquering fears, yet others want to work through various methods of preparation for a positive birth experience. I also work closely with the birth partner, preparing them to support and really connect with the birthing person.

I tailor my basic package to suit your needs. No two clients receive identical kinds of care. I am here to provide you with what you need.

It is important to me that we have a strong connection. For this reason, I offer a complementary initial consultation, where we will discuss how I can serve you best, what your preferences are – and to see if we are a good fit for each other.

BIRTH PACKAGE ~ starting from 5000 MXP

◇  A complimentary initial consultation

◇  Several prenatal appointments, in which we will discuss your preferences, answer questions and address concerns, and prepare mentally and physically for the birth of your baby

◇ 24/7 support via phone, message or email throughout your pregnancy

◇ Access to my lending library

◇ Assistance in writing your birth plan, if required

◇  Continuous, by-your-side support throughout your labour, from the moment you call me at the onset, until you and your baby are settled and feeding has been initiated

◇  Two postpartum appointments, to review your birth, and answer questions regarding feeding, newborn behavior and care, and life with your new baby

◇ Support via phone, message or email for 3 months after the birth


◇  Photography of the birth day of your baby  (no extra cost)

◇  Additional pre or postnatal appointments (900 pesos each)